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Vast Beauty by Kathy Latham

Where does poetry come from? The world is magical or the world is mundane depending on the eyes you have to see.
Vast Beauty is a collection of poems and images: haiku, micropoetry and long format. They are inspired by synchronous street art, the cycles of nature, everyday wonder & the eyes and ecstasy of contemplative practice. Vast Beauty is a source of hope, wisdom, insight and inspiration.
If you've ever been humbled by the vast beauty of the infinite...
If golden sunlight has moved you to tears...
If you've found street art that fit the moment just right...
If you've felt one with the dancing ocean of humanity...
This book is for you.

Kathy's creative work is a collage of beautifully orchestrated photos and passages, born out of her own self discovery-a gift to you-to be shared with the rest. Her words, threaded with love and carefully plastered onto each page, is laden with daily reminders, to inspire one to keep grounded, present, all while reaching for connection, change, healing, and dreams-to notice the beauty that surrounds you-to bring you back to you.
-Thomas Hirschy

Vast Beauty is available in Case Laminate Hardcover and Ebook formats.
Book Size: A5
Page Count: 180
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